Welcome to iPLAY!

We are excited about your school being part of this professional learning project. Our team is passionate about increasing physical activity, improving learning and enhancing the overall health of your students.

The aim of iPLAY is to improve the quality of your school’s sport and physical activity program. iPLAY is based on evidence from a recent study showing that this training for teachers benefited the entire school, including improvements in teachers’ knowledge and confidence when teaching school sport and PE lessons and greater physical activity and health for students.

We value your participation in the research project and hope you enjoy the process of learning, developing and collaborating with your staff and other schools across NSW.

Getting Started

If your school has already registered, please login to start your professional learning on iPLAY.

If your school has not registered, please watch the brief video below and click the button to express interest in participating.

For more information, contact the iPLAY Team (admin@iplay.org.au, 02 9701 4629).

– The iPLAY team