How many professional development hours do teachers receive?

We're ensuring the course is accredited in other states where accreditation is necessary for teachers. For example, in NSW, teachers that complete iPLAY will be provided with 2 to 14 NESA hours at proficient level. Leaders earn an extra 13 NESA hours at highly accomplished level. If you have any questions specific to your school, please contact us on the details below.

What if our TPL calendar is full this year?

Your school can start iPLAY at the beginning of any school term. Some schools who want to do iPLAY but have a full schedule choose to start the program later in the year or early the following year so TPL can be spaced out for teachers.

Do we have to schedule more time for PE?

No, instead of increasing the time dedicated to PE, iPLAY has been designed to build teachers’ competencies and confidence in teaching PE. Our PE recommendations are aligned with the Australian guidelines, so no extra time is needed for physical activity classes.

Do we need to buy expensive equipment?

No, your iPLAY mentor will work with you on how to best utilise your existing sports equipment.

What will our teachers learn from iPLAY?

Teachers will learn how to improve the quality of PE and school sport during the iPLAY program. This is done via online modules, a two-hour workshop, and mentoring sessions. Topics include physically active homework, classroom energisers, and increasing student enjoyment and engagement.

What is an iPLAY leader?

Leaders are teachers that complete extra training to improve the physical activity culture within the school. This includes improving playgrounds to help children be more active, engaging parents in PE at home, and linking the school to local, community sport.

What is an iPLAY mentor?

Each school will be provided with an iPLAY mentor. These are current or recently retired PDHPE specialist teachers. Teachers will have a 30-minute PE lesson observed by their iPLAY mentor. The mentor will then provide personal feedback on how to best improve their lessons.

How are mentors selected?

Mentors are selected based on their prior experience teaching PDHPE. All mentors complete additional, specific training before working with iPLAY schools.

What if we have children with disabilities?

iPLAY has been developed with all children in mind. We hope it helps make physical activity more inclusive for everyone. It has been delivered in mainstream schools, schools with support units, and Schools for Special Purposes. It has optional content specifically for teachers of children with disabilities.

Still have some questions or want to sign up?

If you would like to ask a question about the program you can either contact the iPLAY team via email on, via phone on 02 9701 4577 where we can answer your questions in detail.