Physically Active Homework

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How can kids complete homework and be active after school?

The short video below explains the benefits of including physical activity in your child's daily homework routine.

Resources to help your kids get active whilst learning

It is a common misconception that homework needs to be completed sitting down. Research shows that brain activity increases during and immediately following physical activity. 

Below are some resources that you could use to help implement active homework in your household. 

Stocking Strike - Batting Skill

This activity is great for improving striking ability, one of the fundamental movement skills. At the same time, children are asked to count the number of succesful hits they complete. 

iPLAY new home fun stocking strike_1

Statues - Static Balance

This is a great activity to do with your child as it requires at least two participants. Static balance is the main skill addressed in this game.

iPLAY new home fun statues_1

Family Side Gallop

This family activity asks children and a family member to side gallop in an open space. At the same time, children can create their own rules by determining the number of side gallops in each direction.

iPLAY new home fun side gallop with family

Leader Bounce - Basketball Dribble

This enjoyable activity involves basketball dribbling and counting. Children will work on improving their dribbling technique whilst counting the number of ball bounces based on instructions provided by the parent. 

iPLAY new home fun leader bounce

Rats & Rabbits - Running

This activity is great for involving the whole family as it can accomodate many participants. Children will improve their running technique whilst learning to listen carefully and focus. 

iPLAY new home fun rats and rabbits

Want more resources?

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